Holiday Disaster

The twin is the one that James Moran’s family could be proud of. Neil and Nancy are really beautiful kids. Though they are twin, they have different personality and character. Neil is much more extrovert and Nancy is natural introvert.

The Moran’s family spends their quality time for a week in Thailand but the unexpected and worse scenario happens. One body was found hanging on the big and old tree near their villa and another one was tied on the bench with the shirt soaked with blood.

Is this place really haunted? OR someone does not want this family alive; Local people OR a family member who did this brutal murder?


James Moran’s family lived in a big house at south London and having three sons and one daughter, Nick was the oldest and nineteen years old, while Norman was seventeen. They have twin, Neil and Nancy were fifteen.  The house was very ancient British Empire with the large beautiful garden and the antique fountain in the middle of it. The strong and high fences covered around the house with the automatic gate used by the remote to open and close it. James was a business man in real estate property while the wife, Jennifer was a business woman and working at software company. They had two staffs: one housemaid and one gardener. They had been living there for a very long time, even before Nick was born. They were happy family and always scheduled themselves to go out over the weekend. James and Jennifer realised that they need to spend their time to be with the children.

Among the children, Nancy was the one who was more brilliant than the others. By the age of nine, she created her own doorknob’s sound based on her knowledge she got from the school and could fix up the radio and television by herself. And even though, she was twin but she was different than her brother Neil. Nancy was natural introvert and liked spending more time in her bedroom creating and innovating something useful whilst Neil was extrovert and liked having interaction with outside the world and making lots of friends.

“Hey, sis, would you like to come with me looking for a war game or football game for our Play Station?, Neil asked.

“Yes, absolutely but I would prefer to play war game instead of football”, she replied.

“Well, I like football though, but let’s see what they got”

Nancy had been growing up like a boy as the three brothers helped her shaping and acting like a boy and playing the boy’s games as well. She was called “a Tomboy” by her friends. She was cute, blond shorthair and has bright hazel eyes. And Neil has brown hair, beautiful eyes and the cutest children in Moran’s family.  And he was Mrs. Moran’s favorite one. People liked looking at them at a glance when they passing by the crowd. They were really sweet.


One day, Mr and Mrs. Moran took them to Bangkok for vacation. They were really exciting. They stayed in a beautiful hotel facing to the beach, a swelligant, dandy affair inspired by the jazzy art deco era. Vintage posters, gramophones and travel trunks pepper this poised pad, which boasts an unbeatable location right on the Chao Phraya River. The doorman opened the door for them and greeting politely. They had prefer to stay at the villa which had two bedrooms upstairs and the other two in the downstairs which were located next to the lavish living area, and was shipped downriver from Ayutthaya by curio collector Connie Mangskau and silk merchant Jim Thompson.  The children were so happy with the hotel’s facilities and they also got the de tour for the next three days.

“So, how is it, kids?”, James started the conversation. “This is really amazing, dad!” I love it!” Nick replied happily. “This is stunning… “Norman said. “Yeah and I cannot wait for the tour tomorrow!”, Neil added. And what do you think, sweetheart?”…Daddy asked Nancy. “It is gorgeous! Thank you mom and dad” she said. And as usual, Jennifer ignored her response. It seems that she has a problem having a daughter in that family. And Nancy could feel that sometimes that she had been treated differently than the others. But it seemed that she did not really care. She could think that daddy and the other three brothers still loved her anyway.

“Alright all, so we are going to explore Bangkok tomorrow morning by 08:00 a.m., and we need to sleep early tonight,” James announced. “No problem, dad!” they replied in almost together.


All the family was already in the coffee shop for breakfast. The smell of the burnt toast was spreading throughout the room and smell of the coffee adding more appetite whoever came in. The crystal glass windows covering the restaurant and rattan chairs were arranged nicely and tidy. We choose to sit in the corner with a beautiful garden view in front.

Day 1

Their tour guide was waiting in the Lobby already.

“Good morning, all” My Name is Miyo and I will be your guide for the next three days.” And let me take you all to Lumpini Park. We take what we call here “tuk tuk” (motorize rickshaw) from here to the Chao Phraya River by public boat. We are going to visit Wat Pho, home of the reclining Buddha and after that we will be heading toward Lumpini Park”.

Miyo guided them to tuk tuk and please them to enjoy the beautiful sightseeing. The family looked so grateful and exciting.

“Wow! This is amazing, guys! Nick looked so happy and got a chance taking the pictures of skyscrapers in the heart of Thailand’s metropolis.

“I like this tuk tuk”, I do really enjoy it! Nancy said cheerfully.


After lunch…”So, we are going to ride an elephant! Isn’t it great?”Norman excited.

“Yes, but you got to be careful, otherwise you will fall down!” Daddy said.

No worries, dad! I will be fine!

Two hours later, they were already at the elephant ride area. There were more than 20 elephants ready to be taken to the forest.

“Wow!” I want to ride that elephant with you, sis! The big one with beautiful color! Neil said.

“No, problem but would that be fine if the two of us riding this elephant?”

That would be fine, I guess.
“Okay!” are you guys ready?” Miyo said. “The elephant will take you to the forest and it’s a little nerve wracking, especially when they are going downhill  … and so make sure you hold on tight! Okay?

James gave thumbs up which meant they were ready for this unique experience.

Thirty minutes later, the elephant ridden by Neil was suddenly rampaged. He fell down and the body touched the ground very hard. Nancy was not strong enough to hold him. They stopped. Neil groaned in pain with his leg and arm. He could not move. Jennifer was panicked and James asked Miyo to call a doctor.

After one hour waiting, the ambulance came and brought him to the nearest hospital immediately.


Day 2

“This is all your fault, Nancy! If you could hold Neil’s hand, he was not going to fall down. Look at him now! He got fractured on his leg and arm and he could not do anything only lying on the bed. You have screwed up our holiday, you have screwed up his dream to become a football player and you have screwed up everything!!!” Jennifer yelled at her. Nancy looked at his daddy hoping to get some sort of defense but nothing. She turned to Nick and Norman and it was the same. I think I have to speak for myself.

Nancy looked sad. “It wasn’t my mistake, mom”, Neil fell down because he could not hold the tie on the elephant’s neck. And how did I know if that animal rampaged suddenly?”

“Yes, if you could have held Neil, he should have not fallen down!”

Nick gave his sister angry looked. “We cancelled all our tour because of this incident. Mom is right that you have screwed up our holiday”. He left and went outside to get some fresh air.

Norman rose from his seat and was heading toward his room and said “I wish I could turn back the time and will leave her alone in her room in London”, we should not have taken her with us”.

“When are we leaving, Jen?” James asked.

“Maybe in another 3-5 days. We will wait until Neil is getting better.”

Neil was sitting on the long chair with the right arm and leg was in a fiberglass cast. He looked at me deeply but said nothing. Nancy walked into her room in upstairs. The living room was silent now.


Day 3

“Nick, Norman, if you want to continue the holiday, please go ahead. We came here for a holiday, right? And I believe that Neil would be better soon, he is a strong boy!” James’s voice cracked the silent in the living room.

“When are we going back to the UK, dad?”Norman asked.

“We will stay here for another 3-4 days, so hopefully we can leave by Saturday as we planned, right?”

“Are you alright, bro?” Nick asked Neil.

“Yeah, I am okay, do not worry about me”.

“Cool, take care, okay?”

“Sure!” and hey, why do not you guys take Nancy with you?”

Nick and Norman were looking at each other. And Norman said” well, this is boy’s activities, I am sorry”. And they left.

“Are you alright, sis?”

“Yeah, I am okay, do not worry about me”, Nancy decided to go to the garden and enjoying the greeny and Chao Phraya River near the hotel.

It was 10:30 p.m, already. Nick and Norman were not at the villa yet. Jennifer looked worried “James, where are they? Why have not they come back yet?”

“Do not worry, they have grown up already, perhaps they are in the bar now”

“James, Norman is only seventeen and not allowed for the bar?”

“It is alright, darling; He is a smart kid and knows what to do”. So now, let’s get some sleep.

Day 4

It was 8:00 a.m and someone rang the bell. James woke up already and hurried to open the door. He saw two police officers and a few people outside trying to look at him over the officer’s shoulder.

One man with a tie and coat stepped forward to him “Good Morning Mr. Moran, I am David Wagner, a General Manager of this resort”. Could I ask you something, sir?

Moran faced pale. Is it about my two sons? Did they come home last night? Got drunk and made a trouble?

“Darling, what is going on?” Jennifer showed up and shocked looking at the crowd.

James did not answer his wife question. Is this about our sons? Did they make any trouble last night?

The officer Mongkut said “We have found two bodies around this resort, sir” and after checking with David Wagner about the guest name list and passport, we believe they are your sons. And we are so sorry about what happened”

James held his wife when she collapsed. The other officer asked the crowd to move backward. David helped James to take Jennifer in to the room. He then called the paramedic in charge.

“How did this happen?” James’s voice shook.

“We found this early morning, one of your son hanged on the old big tree in the garden which was just a few meters from here”, Officer Mongkut showed the picture. Nick’s body was hanging with the two legs tied above and the head with full of blood almost touched the ground.

“And this is the second one, Mr. Moran” He looked at the photo of Norman. He was found ten meters from Nick’s body. His eyes were blindfolded. His body was tied on the bench and the shirt soaked with blood.

James swallowed hard and tears welling into his eyes. “Do-do you know who did t-this?”

“We do not know yet, sir, we are still investigating”, Officer Mongkut said.

Day 5

Early in the morning, the heavy footsteps were leading to the main room. Someone opened the door and brought a nail gun with. Jennifer was shot on the face, neck and chest. James heard the noise next to him but he was too late to move. He was shot on his head and neck.

“Nancy, wake up!” Neil shook her sister’s body. Nancy was sleeping next to the parent’s room.

“What happened?” she was rubbing her eyes and half awake.

“Let’s go and get out from this resort”, I will tell you what happened”

“Can you walk?” she realised that her brother walked without the stick and a cast anymore.

“I am okay”, he helped her packaging her stuffs.

Twenty meters from their villa, they have heard the explosion coming from there. Nancy stopped. “Don’t stop” we have to keep moving and found a taxi to go to the airport”.

“No, I do not want to go!” I have to come back to see mom and dad!

Neil grabbed her hand “Please, don’t! Nancy, listen, they are already dead, okay? Nick, Norman, they are all dead! Why do you care about them? They do not even care about you, remember? They blamed you for what happened to me and I could not accept that. They hurt you means they hurt me too. And when you were sad, I was sad too. I could feel what you feel and I could not forgive the way they treated you”

“You killed them?”

“Yes, I did!” You taught me how to make a bomb and I made it, really did”. I killed Nick and Norman when they got drunk that night they went out” Neil kissed her forehead and called the taxi. They were heading toward airport going back to their home in South London.



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