Chloe Benoît

Winter and Chloe has been a best friend for fifteen years and they decided to be a lover. They fell passionately in love. Though, sometimes they fight, it does not threaten their relationship. They’re attached to each other. Is their love going to be forever as they wish…Or…?


That night was so wonderful, fresh air cooling their mind and soul. The full moon shining on the city of Perth added an amazing atmosphere around. Winter and Chloe were holding hands together walking towards the King’s park. The park & Botanic Garden gave a great bird’s eye view of Perth; with the river growing city and expanses of greater Perth all in view. They spent around four hours walking around these extensive gardens atop the hill overlooking the city and could have enjoyed it even longer had they not had protested legs. They took the Federation Walkway and adored the spectacular views over the river as well as the treetop experience. They decided to relax a bit and sat on the bench. It was a romantic scene.

“Are you feeling cold, babe?”, Winter took off her jacket and wrapped Chloe’s shoulders.

“Thanks”, I think we did not expect that we will have windy tonight”, she said shaking.

“Yeah, but it’s good, isn’t it”, she blinked her eyes.

Winter sat closer and hugged her, “feeling better now?”

“Much better, thanks”, she kissed her and said “your cheeks were so cold, babe” she cupped her hands on Winter’s cheeks.

“That’s alright, hon, but my heart is warm, well, let’s make them all warm”, she smiled naughtily when she said that. Chloe nodded and smiled at her.

They hugged and pressed their lips and the tongue danced together under the moonlight. Winter kissed her long neck and went down to the breasts. She took off the jacket, folded and put it on the bench as a pillow. She unbuttoned Chloe’s blouse and unhooked the bra. Her hands rubbed her beautiful skin and touched her spot gently. Chloe moaned and she ran her hands up Winter’s back and took her shirt off so aggressively. They were half naked now. And shortly after, they had made love on the bench, in the night, in the cool air.

“We’d better hurry, darling, otherwise we’ll be caught by the security”, Chloe stood up and trying to find her blouse in the night.

“Yeah, that is not gonna be a sweet story if we are both in a jail, right?” She chuckled and helping Chloe hooked the bra.

Ten minutes later, they were already on the street and heading towards Winter’s car.

“So, are you going to stay with me or should I take you home”, Winter asked.

“I’d prefer to stay with you tonight”

“Cool, let’s go home, babe!”

“Wait!” Winter, there is something that I would like to tell you,” she held her hands and said “one day, if I leave you forever, you have to move on, pursue your dream. And just remember, I will take your love with me”.

Winter frowned and smiled “Why did you say that?” No, you are not going to leave me, baby. We will be together forever in love!” she kissed her and drove home fast.

Winter and Chloe had been best friends for fifteen years and they had decided to be a lover for the last five years. They were really sweet and romantic, and sometimes it made people get jealous especially heterosexual couple. Winter was small, charming and very attractive. She was actually introvert and had been struggling enough to meet a lot of people for arranging and attending some events. And the problem that she had been hiding was that she had been suffering from moderate manic depression. Only Chloe knew her better. She really understood what her partner had been through a life. She loved and cared about her so much more than herself, and very supportive. Chloe was younger than her and a jealous person. She thought most men and women liked Winter as she was charismatic and it made her pissed off and acted unreasonable sometimes. Chloe no matter what, had beautiful green eyes, shoulder-length brown hair and soft skin. And she was slender, very pretty and cute. She liked wearing blue jeans and a cardigan. And she was a fashion designer. And they both loved art.

Thirty minutes later, they had arrived home and straight up to the bedroom.

“So you are going to throw the party tomorrow night?” Chloe asked and taking her clothes off and grabbing a towel from the wardrobe.

“Yea, and I would love you to come, please?”

“Absolutely, love, I will be there for you”, Chloe kissed her lips and walking towards the shower.

And shortly after, Winter joined her.


On that morning, when Chloe was ready to leave the Winter’s house, she had caught that her partner was being seduced by one of her neighbors who brought her breakfast.  She knew the name was Cindy. She watched Winter had refused and thanked her for the breakfast. But then, Cindy pushed her in the corner and kissed her lips. Chloe saw that Winter kissed her back. Jealous seemed to burn. Chloe came out and yelling at Cindy to get out of the house.  They both were shocked.

“Cindy, thanks for the breakfast and please just leave us”, Winter said.

“No problem and it was lovely seeing you, Winter”, she smiled and winked.

Winter saw an angry looked on Chloe’s face, and apologised. And as usual, Chloe could not accept that.

“Chloe, please, I am so sorry…she was trying to seduce me and I refused”, she was trying to explain with a hope that Chloe will forgive her.

“I saw you refused, but I saw you kissing her!”, she yelled at her.

“I did not kiss her like the way I kissed you and that was only a light kiss as my express gratitude for the breakfast she sent for us!”

“Lying, you are a fucking liar!!!” she screamed and acting uncontrollably. She threw her mobile to Winter’s face. Winter was shocked and held her nose. Blood spouted through her fingers and flowing down to the lips. She winced in pain. Chloe panicked.

“I-I am so sorry…I-I didn’t mean to hurt you,”

“Just call the ambulance, please, I think you broke my nose”…


It was 09:00 am exactly as the alarm woke Winter up. She turned off the clock and felt so dizzy. She spent a great night with her girlfriends celebrating her success of the Interior Design event that she had arranged. She turned on the TV and clicked on the MTV channel. She listened to Wiz Khalifa’s song -See you again. And all of a sudden… I missed Paul Walker and I was wondering why? I did not even know him in person? Freak! She started to think how was the feeling going to be for losing the loved one? She could not imagine and she did not even want to think about it.

There was beep beep sound under the pillow and she reached her mobile phone. It’s Chloe. It had been a week that they have not met each other since the incident.

“Hey…what’s up”, she greeted reluctantly.

“I am okay, and how are you?” and is…is your nose getting better?

“Yes, it is”.

“Um.. I am so sorry that I hurt and let you down, and I am so sorry that I did not attend to your party”, Chloe said sadly.

“It’s okay. I’d postponed the party, and it was last night actually..”

“Oh..I did not know that,” she said with a disappointed. Winter, please, listen to me…I was jealous of Cindy. I was furious at that time when I saw you kissing her and I decided not to come to your party because I thought that you were still angry with me”.

There was a silence.

“Have you had fun?”

“Yea..okay, we’ve had fun”, Winter said shortly.

“Glad to hear it!”…Um, can I come to your place?

Silence again.

“Look. I sincerely apologise for what happened and I am so sorry. I’m fucked up! I screwed up everything! Winter….?”


“I-I miss you. Please, forgive me and I really want to see you”

Winter was still silent. She closed her eyes and finally said “Chloe, I miss you too but…I_”

“But what?” Chloe asked impatiently.

Winter swallowed hard and her voice’s cracked “Chloe, I do not know if we can go on with this relationship. We were great when we were still best friends and when we decided to have this relationship, I feel like you’ve changed. You seem very jealous and uncontrollable behavior. You know that I have been suffering from manic depression and sometimes I could not handle it without you. And if you continue acting like this, I’d better dead! I miss Chloe that I knew before.”

“So, you want to break up?” she was sobbing, tears welling into her eyes.

“No! Of course not! I love you and I need you. But I am just tired of your jealousy issue”.

Chloe wiped her tears and said “I’ve caught you many times flirting with other girls, how could that possibly you say that I shouldn’t be jealous?”

“They are all my clients or will be, I have to be nice to them, Chloe, for the sake of my business. And it is for you too”

“Yes, but you should’ve not slept with them, right?”

“I did not sleep with them”

“Yes! You slept with Cindy!”

There was a long pause.

And Winter finally said, “yes, I did. I’ve slept with Cindy when I knew that you were hanging out with Peter, your ex-boyfriend”

“Are you jealous?”

“No!! I am not jealous. I am just…um….yea, I think I am jealous” she whispered.

There was another long pause.

“Look, sweetheart. Let’s bury the hatchet. What I need now is to see you. I miss you desperately. I want you…. Please, let me come to your place and we can fix things up. That night at King’s Park was really a magic for me. You were wonderful and I want to spend the rest of my life with you…I love you”

“I love you, Chloe…more than you think and I miss you…”Bury the hatchet, eh?”

“Thank you, love, I will be there in thirty minutes!” she smiled happily.

Winter got up from the bed and taking a quick shower. She went to the shop to buy fillet snappers, prawns, some vegetables and a bottle of Chardonnay. She would make a barbeque for the lunch at her patio. That was what they both loved to do.

It had been an hour, Chloe did not show up. She had never come late. Winter was tempted to call to make sure if she was alright, but she ignored that feeling. She was hoping that she dropped by the shop to buy some fruits or she got stuck on the road and forgot to let her know that she would be late. But then, Winter had known her partner for a long time, and yet, she ignored what she felt about her for a moment until the phone rang.


Forty-five minutes later at St. John Hospital. Winter walked down to the aisle to see Dr. Morris. She saw two nurses pushed the patient in the wheelchair and holding the infusion hurried to the elevator. An old couple was crying and holding together sitting on the long white bench. And one doctor with the glasses was standing and talking on his mobile in front of his waiting room. She kept thinking about what had just happened to Chloe. She then looked at a young man bleeding in his head and stomach, and she heard that he was just being shot. It was terrifying view. She stood in front of the elevator and she saw a doctor approaching her.

“Hi, I am Doctor Morris and you must be…”

“I am Winter, Winter Monroe…I have got a_”

“Yes, I called you. I got your number from Ms. Benoit’s last call” and I think she tried to call you a few hours ago”

“Oh..and how is…how is…s-she?” she asked with a trembling voice.

Dr. Morris exhaled and held her shoulders “I am so sorry, Ms. Chloe Benoit had just passed away”

Winter’s tears were streaming down the cheeks, her body was shaking and she almost fell down and Dr. Morris held and hugged her immediately “I am so sorry once again to let you know this. And I would like to ask if you are going to be alright to see her in the mortuary?”

Winter choked and nodded.

Dr. Morris guided her to the mortuary and opened the door. Winter felt terrified. She saw so many metal boxes and thinking that one of them in the box was Chloe. A bright fashion designer that she had loved for fifteen years.

Dr. Morris pulled out the box. Winter stood freezing. Her face looked pale. She wiped the tears. She was utterly shocked that this beautiful face looked so collapsed. Chloe’s body was destroyed by the car crash. Her lips were trembling. She said nothing. She looked around and all was dark. She fell down and closed her eyes.


It’s been a long day without you, my friend,

And I’ll tell you about it when I see you again

We’ve come a long way from where we began

Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again, When I see you again….”

 I hope so. She listened to that song again and tears kept falling down her cheeks. She felt her life was empty now. She felt she had no future anymore. She could understand that was the hardest emotionally people felt when they lost the loved one.

Chloe Benoit,

It must be very hard for me to handle this now. You’re my best friend and my lover.  And yes, sometimes we had problems and sometimes we fought. Sometimes we laughed and cried. You knew everything about me and I knew everything about you. And even though we had defects, we loved each other. Now, you’ve gone. You are in a better place now. I do not know what I do without you. I feel like I want to be with you, Chloe. But I remember the thing you said to me, that night at King’s park “That one day, if I leave you forever, you have to move on, pursue your dream. And just remember, I will take your love with me”.

Now, I got it, Chloe. I should move on…but I dunno, I dunno if I could handle this. I am alone now struggling with my depression and facing this wild world out there! It’s just really hard! I am very lucky to have you. You’re the only one who really understood me, knew what’s in my head. Life is just too short. I felt like it was just yesterday I met you. I wish I shouldn’t have made you angry. I wish I could have given you a better life. I wish I could turn back the clock…

Chloe, I love you and I miss you. Thank you for lighting up my life and bringing out the best in me.

With so much Love,

Winter Monroe

PS: “I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself, but for what you are making of me” – Roy Croft.

 *In loving memory Charlotte*

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