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Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. That was the world’s most beautiful city. The cidade maravilhosa (marvelous city) roles in life, with the beach, football, samba and Carnival the principal diversions. The statue of Christ the Redeemer on the summit of Corcovado (hunchback) mountain and Sugarloaf with its historic cable car, were above all this fun and frivolity was Rio’s ever-present landmarks.  The weather in August was so gorgeous. Rio was an awe-inspiring city where impossibly steep granite mountains rise from the ocean between glorious stretches of golden sand. In the late afternoon, whilst most people felt the psychedelic breeze…; the birds were perched on every roof and seemed to be watching the girl walking slowly below.

Jane Harrison, nineteen years old, made her way down a shadowy side street to find a safe or rest place; and she felt so obscurely. She had on a denim jacket with a short patterned skirt. She was white with long legs in black style boots and her blonde hair was wet of the sweating. This is real, and I am scared. Am I in the middle of nowhere? She paused to catch her breath at the sparsely trafficked intersection. She squeezed her eyes shut and uttered a long, hopeless cry of confusion and despair. I need to go to the hospital, but how can I get there? I have nothing left. She kept walking and it was already dark. She was trembling and feeling painful. She rubbed her thighs and could feel the blood streaming down between two legs, and it fell in large drops onto the asphalt.  Tears flowed from her eyes and she was so bloody scared. Why did this happen to me? I have just been here for three days. I remembered nothing! When she turned the corner, she instantly recognised the white brick building wedged. It was written in a blueprint: “Galdino Campos Clinic”.

In just one more step, she collapsed.

The next two hours, Jane opened her eyes. She saw a dark-haired woman wearing a white medical coat with a stethoscope around her neck. Dr. Conrad, as she read her name tag. She approached and smiled at her.

“How’re you doing?”, Dr. Conrad asked warmly.

“W-what happened to me, doctor?” Jane‘s voice in fear.

“They found you collapsed in front of the glass door and bleeding on the floor”, Dr. Conrad pointed to a woman and a pretty young girl.

Jane looked at the woman who was wearing a white blouse and blue dark skirt. She looked well educated and had a warm smile and the girl who was standing next to her. They looked alike. Jane was trying to get up from the bed and said…“Oh thank you, Mrs_

“No-no, it’s okay, just lay down and take a rest”, the woman said.

“I am Gabriela Fay and this is my daughter, Alessandra”, she extended her hand and Jane shook it.

“I took my daughter here to check her health. She is thirteen and having what they call “Yeast Infection”, Gabriela said. “And I am Jane, by the way… so, h-how could that happen?” Jane asked curiously.

“What happened to her was that she took antibiotic, strep throat, and that antibiotics can kill “good” bacteria that also live in the body and normally keep the growth of Candida in vagina in check. So that’s what she got”, Dr. Conrad explained.

Jane, we are happy that you are fine and I believe you are in the good hands. We are leaving now, so if you need anything, here is my number. Oh, by the way, where’re you from?

“I am from Illinois”

“Americano?” Alessandra asked curiously.

“Yeah, I am American”

“You travel alone?”

“I was with my friend, but I do not know where she is now?” she looked sad.

“Well, we want you to take a rest and like what I said, anything, just call me, Okay? And you take care, young lady”, she held Jane’s hand and left.

“Thank you very much for your help!” They left and she saw them talking with Dr. Conrad before they disappeared.

Shortly after, Dr. Conrad sat next to her.

“Jane, do you remember what happened to you?” she asked.

Jane tried to remember and all of a sudden, she said, and looked terrified “Oh God, I was raped, doctor?”

Dr. Conrad nodded and said “yes”

The tears were streaming down the cheeks. She looked hopeless and angry. Dr. Conrad hugged her and said “you need to report this to the police… and contact your family”

“My family did not know that I am in Brasil. I told them that I was going to Thailand for the holiday”, she was sobbing and finally said “This is my fault! My fault! I lied to my parents! I am screwed!”


A week later, at 10:00 a.m., the sun was shining, the sound of the sea, relaxing mind and soul, beautiful mosaic sidewalks spoiling the eyes, Copacabana beach boasted much more than powdery sands. Jane walked on the beach thinking what had happened to her friend, Rebecca. She was confused and afraid to go back home and told her parents about what had happened to her. She kept walking and sobbing. She didn’t care that people turned their head looking at her, frowned. The well-known bossa nova song, The Girl from Ipanema, had drawn the tourists including her. She stopped for a moment. Her eyes wide opened. She looked in a horror. Three men were dancing with barefoot on the sand following the rhythm of the music.

“Pedro, Thiago, come on! Move your belly, ha ha!” a big guy with dark skin and curly hair grabbed their hands to dance together.

“Ariba! Vamos! I love this, João!”Pedro laughed out loud.

“Hey, bro, makes them crazy, hah!” João, the big guy said loudly to Thiago who looked youngest amongst them.

Jane jerked away and closed her eyes. “They!” she tried to remember what had happened that night. I remembered now, they raped me on the bus. We had a party and I got drunk. I asked Rebecca to go with me, but she refused as I saw her dancing with a good looking Latino on the dance floor. And I decided to go back to the hotel. No taxi. And oh, geez, they put the gun to the driver’s head and let them rape me and threw me out of a moving bus. Oh God!!! Why didn’t you just let me die!! She kept running towards the hotel and crying. She pushed the elevator’s button and pressed the third floor where she stayed. She put the room key in the slot and opened it. She went to the bathroom and looking at the mirror. Sobbing. She heard the voice in her head. You are brutally gang-raped and you have to do something about it. Don’t give up! B-but what can I do? Am I alone? I am afraid if I should call the police? I hate it! Her voice trembled, her face filled with anguish and her eyes filled with a horror. She closed her eyes in fear and shook her head. No! I do not know what I can do!! Stop it!!!



The following night, she was waiting for a bus to take her to the Pharmacy. She needed a painkiller as she had a massive    headache. A migraine came crashing through her brain so hard she could barely keep her balance. She didn’t even notice the bus passed and stopped ten meters where she was standing. She tried to reach, but then she saw one body was thrown out of the bus. And another one. She stunned. She waited until the bus leaving. She walked slowly towards the bodies. One bodymoved and tried to get up. Jane helped her and ..”Oh!” her mouth fell open. “Mrs. Gabriela!” Oh, you are bleeding…!

“H-how is Alessandra?”

Jane stood up and looked at another body which was five meters from her. She ran towards her. She knelt down and turned the body. “Oh gosh, Alessandra!” She looked at her sweet face and small body. She did not move. She shook it and held her wrist and checked her pulse, but nothing. Jane’s face looked pale when her eyes moved down and saw Alessandra wore nothing and some blood on her inner thighs. She pressed her lips and the tears were rolling down her cheeks. She was raped! Bastard! She took off the jacket and covered it up.

“Jane, di-did you see my angel, Alessandra?” Gabriela spoke loudly.

Jane wiped the tears away and walked towards Gabriela. She managed to look strong. She bit her lips and said…” um…I am so sorry Mrs. Gabriela, Alessandra could not make it”

“O quê? W-what you mean, she could not make it? Make it what?” She said impatiently and still lying down on the road with her bleeding face and the blouse were torn, so Jane could see her breasts.

She hugged Gabriela and said sadly… “she is dead!”

“Oh my angel!” she burst into tears and released the hug. “Listen, Jane”, her voice trembling. “We-we’ve been raped by two young men and one boy, who is the same age as Alessandra. João, Pedro and Thiago, the small boy. She sighed “they are brothers”…

“D-do you know them?” she asked curiously.

Gabriela nodded and said, “They are my neighbour. Their family was rich but then when João, the oldest, was still seventeen, their father had committed suicide because his business collapsed. They got bankrupt. The mother had gone crazy and sent to the mental hospital and left these three brothers alone. No one reports their action to the police. We do not want to involve with the police. And the crime is out of control here…

“O-oh, Christ!” Gabriela put her hand on her open wound and trying to sit, but she was too weak. And Jane put her head on her laps.

“I-I hit one of them with my bag, but then Pedro stabbed my stomach. I-I want you to come to my house and get my collections. P-please, do it for us, Jane…I_

“No, no-no, please, please Mrs. Gabriela, hold it, please”, Jane put her hand on Gabriela’s wound and said “I will take you to the hospital!” And she looked back at Alessandra and whispered…” and Alessandra…

“Mrs. Gabriela… Mrs…” she shook her body, checked the pulse but nothing. She looked panicked as it meant that she had to call the Police. Okay, take a deep breath, Jane. Call the police and no mention your name, just tell the location and that’s it! The voice again.

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You are brutally gang-raped and you have to do something about it. Don’t give up! Kill them. Kill them!!! Jane woke up sweating. She had a bad dream again. And it was always the same. This time was a nightmare. She looked at the watch and it was 06.00 a.m., she kept thinking the last words, what Gabriela said “Come to my house and get my collections”. She opened the bed drawer and took Gabriela’s business card. She’s archaeology. She turned on the TV and the headline news popped up…“Two bodies were found dead in the street after being raped”, Gabriela and Alessandra Fay. The mother and the daughter who was thirteen years old”. And the police made a statement: “These two victims were raped and thrown out of the bus. We are still searching the rapists; there are three men, two adults and one boy –according to the bus driver. The incident highlights security concerns in Rio as we also found one body last week in Copacabana district. And the U.S. Embassy confirmed that the victim was a U.S citizen. She was nineteen years old and_

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”Oh, Jesus! Rebecca! Where the hell is she?” All of a sudden, Jane remembered her friend, Rebecca, who travelled together.  And the last time she saw her dancing with a Latino man. She opened the safety deposit box and took out the laptop. She started to search about the victim last week. And shortly after. “Oh, My God, they revealed the name. It was Rebecca Stuart. They found the body 10 kilometers from Ipanema beach”. She was trembling and her head spinning around and she heard the voices again. Get the rapists and kill them all!!! But, how? Am I truly alone now?


It’s a quarter to two in the morning now. Jane was wearing a black jacket and boots. She had been waiting for the three brothers coming home. Am I ready for this? I felt like I was being… watched! Suddenly she heard the voices again inside her head – deep and powerful. Get the rapist and kill them all! And you are not alone! You are going to finish this game!!!

Jane saw two men and one boy under the moonlight and heading towards their house which was just two blocks from where she was hiding. She checked everything she brought to make sure that she was really ready; ready to attack the rapists and ready to die. She ducked towards them and waited outside until they were already in.

It was a small and dingy with red and yellow colours house. The door was ajar, could not be closed as no hinges. Jane went to the other side of the house. She was trembling and her heartbeat quickened. She was scared. She was tempted to just go home and sleep. But the voices? It kept disturbing in her head.  And she promised to Gabriela to kill them. The tears were rolling down her cheeks. She was sweating and her hand was shaky.

“Thiago! Venha ela! Where is Pedro?”, João asked and holding the money in the plastic bag.

“He said he was going to buy some beers”, Thiago said.

Jane peeked through the window and saw a man and a boy. The tall, big and curly dark hair must be João and that the boy… He was thin and had brown curly hair. He looked so young. Only the two of them. Good. I have to kill them. Please, God, give me your strength.

“What the hell? Who you?” João  was surprised and staring at her brown eyes.

“You raped me on the bus and my friend, and she is dead!” Jane spoke with her strength and almost did not recognise her own voice.

“You know what?” He said and blowing his cigarette smoke. You’d better go home to your country. You are not going to kill me, eh?” He laughed out loud and kept counting the money.

Go on, Jane. Shoo, run along. Bugger off and kill them!!! Jane stepped a little bit closer, took out the Caltrop from her jacket…”Hey!!!”

He looked at her. And in a quick movement, she threw it straight to his face.

He screamed and closed his face with both his hands. The blood was rushing on his forehead and nose. “What the fuck you doing, bitch?!” He roared at her and trying to reach her. He searched for a weapon that he could use, but nothing. He took off his belt and hit her with it. She screamed and touched her cheek. She jerked away. She saw Thiago hiding under the table. She didn’t waste her time and dragged him out.

“You move, he’s dead!” Jane warned him.

“No, no, no, please? OK, what you want? Money? I give you. How much?” he begged her.

“I do not need your fucking money! I just need to kill you, bastard! And Look, this is for Alessandra!” she slashed Thiago’s neck with a Chakram.

“NOOOOOOOO!!!!”, You’re bitch!!!” he held Thiago’s body. He was sobbing and rubbing his little brother’s hair. “Thiago, please do not die!” He did not move and he laid him down gently on the floor and stood up, ready to attack her. But Jane was ready for the next move. She held another two Caltrops. She threw them, one by one. He didn’t have a chance to escape. They tucked into his chest and stomach. The blood soaked his clothes. He collapsed.

Jane approached him to take all the Caltrops from the body. And one big hand held her shoulder. As she turned, she got hit very hard. She fell down. She felt dizzy and her sight was blurring.

“You killed my two brothers, bitch!” Pedro said. He was tall with brown long hair. He had a tattoo on his arms. His eyes wide opened and yelled “WHY???!!! He hit her face again. Blood was coming out from her nose. And hit and hit again. Where are they? The voices? Jane lied on the floor, blood was all over the face and her heart was thumping. “P-please, don’t kill me” she said nervously. She was bloody frightened. I have to survive for Rebecca, Gabriela, Alessandra and myself. She was trembled and gulp down grief. God, please,help me.

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Pedro unzipped his pants and was roughly pulling her legs closer to him. He spat in her face and said angrily “you can’t go anywhere, bitch! And I am gonna kill ya!

She clenched her teeth and pressed her eyes shut. Her heart was still pounding so hard, she thought she might pass out, but she didn’t want him to know this. Her hand was trembling; with the strength  she had left and said “You’re miserable fucking shit and messy fucker!!!”. She swung the Chakram on his neck. His eyes bulged and the tongue stuck out. Thick blood was gushing from his neck and streaming between his fingers. His body fell down on her chest.

She was frightened and pushed him to the other side with a quick movement. She stood up and making sure that he was dead.  Her heart was still pounding, but she felt relieved. Thank you, God. She waited for the voices, but it was quiet. No more voices. She looked around and glanced at the watch. It was almost dawn. I must hurry! She took three Caltrops off of the João’s face and body. And she cleaned them as well as the Chakram. I need to return these to Mrs. Gabriela’s house. These historical weapons belong to her.


Illinois. What a great place. And after all, I’ve done; Thank God, I am alive. I am thinking that, why I became a rape victim? Most people say because women’s clothes. So if they blame women as the rape victim because their clothes were provocative, they must also blame the wealthy people that were robbed because what they shows were provocative. What about Gabriela? Alessandra? Or a man rapes a man ..NO sense.. Rape is not just a woman’s issue. It’s about men who stop behaving like human beings & start behaving like animals. Jane closed her diary book and began to sleep.




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