Final Mission


“It’s the Cold War in Russia 1952. Sergei Kasparov, a double-agent for the Russia, is about to retire when he’s given one final mission: he’s been asked to find the assassination of a double-agent for the Kremlin. Sergei is highly trusted, and he’s given to understand that this mission is need-to-know only between him and very few superior officers. But as he falls deeper into the folds of the Iron Curtain, he found out that his superior was the murderer!”



“Drink?” Sergei Kasparov shook his head moodily. General Petrovich poured himself his second stiff Vodka while Sergei watched without comment. As warmth floated through him, he felt himself beginning to relax.
“Nikolai Yeltsin?”
General nodded. “Yes”. He was a double-agent for the Kremlin. He was found dead in the kitchen. It seemed that the killer knew him well”.


” A gun…”
“What gun?”
“He’s been shot right in the head! We have found the bullet at the crime scene”.

Fifty-five years old and breathtakingly vain, with thick, dyed brown hair and sharp eyes, Perov Alkhimovich had been in the service as a Russian agent for twenty-five years. He came in and showed Nikolai’s dead body. “He was fatally blasting him in the head and chest”, he said tersely.
Sergei took the pictures of Nikolai’s body. The blood spurted on the kitchen walls. His eyes were open. He took a deep breath and said: “I need to check the forensic expert about the bullet and it won’t take long to find the killer!”
He put locked the briefcase and said with a heavy heart, “I trust you, Sergei. You found the evidence and I give you the authority to kill the murderer!”


By afternoon, Sergei became aware that he had company. Whenever he left from one place to another, he was followed. He stepped across the hall, took out his key and opened the door. He was standing and looked around his office. I was just about to leave in a few days. I think I should take this as my final mission and will be free afterward. It‘s just a few days. I am sure!

Three days later….

He got a call from the forensic expert to get the result. The bullet had identified that the killer used Makarov 9x18mm gun. Police had checked that the gun was registered by Perov Alkhimovich. Sergei felt like a thunderstorm in the light day. His hands were trembling. He could not believe what he had just heard.
“Are you sure about this?” he looked at the detective… and said “I am so sorry, sir. I did not mean that. I mean…He sighed and said, “Thank you!”
“If anything I can assist you with, please just come over here”
“Thank you!”


Sergei Kasparov sat on the bench, staring into space. “I trust you, Sergei. You found the evidence and I give you the authority to kill the murderer!”


Perov sat up, instantly wide awake.

The house is on fire. Why didn’t the alarm go off?

The door was beginning to buckle from the intense heat. He hurried to the window, choking on the smoke. He tried to force the window open, but it was jammed shut. The smoke was getting thicker, and it was becoming more difficult to breathe. There was no escape. Burning embers started dropping from the ceiling. A wall collapsed and a sheet of flames engulfed him. He screamed. His hair and pajamas were on fire. Blindly, he threw himself at the close window on the second floor and crashed through it, his blazing body hurtling to the ground.


Sergei looked at the house burnt down. Sorry, Perov. I’ve just followed your instruction. Kill the murderer when you found the evidence. Your Makarov killed Nikolai. That’s the evidence!


She walked through the busy, winding streets, and turned left at Arbat Street. It was filled with smart stores. She started to cross the street. Her legs were trembling. She felt as though she were on the edge of a precipice, about to fall into an unknown, terrifying abyss.

Sizy Kasparov, with a slim, provocative figure, exotic look, high cheekbones, and soft, honey-colored hair, which she wore long and elegantly simple. She was a journalist, beautiful and had an IQ of 160, and nature had taken care of the rest.
“I believe everything would have been so much simpler if you had believed that Perov Alkhimovich did not intend to reveal our “little secret”, Nikolai smiled and kissed her lips.
“I hope what you have said was true. Besides, I was bringing this up for the sake of your “under cover’ as a double agent” Sizy said.
“No need to worry, sweetheart. Perov is the best man that I could trust. We’ve been with a partner for such a long time. He saved me once from World War II in 1940. I was shot in my shoulder and leg. I could not move. And Perov threw his Makarov to kill the enemy who was approaching me with his gun. And without any doubt, I shot him dead right in the head!” he said and pointed the finger at his head.
Sizy was looking at him and said “Good to hear. So we are safe, right?”



Sizy left the hotel which she spent the night with Nikolai and walked down Tverskaya Ulitsa Street toward the City Telephone Exchange. She was not sure whether the hotel phone was being bugged, but she did not want to risk the chance. Sizy walked into the entry and looked around. Two dozen telephone booths lined the walls, each one numbered. Shelves were filled with telephone directories from all over the world. In the center of the room was a desk where four clerks were taking orders for calls to be placed. People were lined up waiting to be put through.
Sizy Kasparov approached one of the women behind the desk “Good evening,” she said.
“Can I help you?”
“I’d like to place an overseas call.”
“Sure! Would you give me the country and the number, please?”
Sizy hesitated. “Sure.” She handed a piece of paper to the woman. ‘I’d like to make the call collect.”
“Your name?”
“Mukhaiyo Durchenko”
“Very well, Ms. Durchenko. I will call you when it comes through.”Thank you”. Sizy was waiting and a minute later…
“Ms. Durchenko…Ms. Mukhaiyo Durchenko…”The name was repeated twice before Sizy Kasparov realized it was for her. She rose and hurried over to the desk.
“Your party is accepting the call. Booth five, please.”
“Thank you!” Sizy walked into booth five and closed the door.
“Sizy, is that you?”
“Yes, how are you, Jake?”
“To tell you the truth, we’re a little concerned, Sizy.”
There was a silence. And Sizy said, “and what is that?”
“We wouldn’t anything to happen to you”
“Nothing is going to happen to me.”
“But just be careful. You have been watching”

Silence again.

Sizy looked a bit nervous and said “Don’t you worry, Jake. I’ll be fine! I have the source. They are planning to deploy their people and get the president down and I-I…” The line was dead.
“Hello..hello..?” Shit!”Sizy wiped her forehead and her hands were trembling. She stepped out from the booth and walked out and left the City Telephone.


Jake McIntyre. He is a double-agent for the CIA working in New York. I could not believe that my girl, Sizy, has been betraying me! Could not believe that she is a spy and working for the CIA? I have to terminate her!

Nikolai drove homeward. His head throbbed. Pain burned behind his eyes. He grabbed the cell phone and pressed the buttons. “Hi, my darling Sizy, I have been thinking about you and hope, all is well?”
“Oh, Nikolai and yes, babe, I am very well”. She sounded suspicious. Nikolai never calls me from his cell phone. Does he know with whom did I make a contact with?
“Is there something wrong or do you want to talk about something with me, Nik?”
“No, actually. I’ve just got a cookery book from my sister and would like to try to cook tonight and will be delighted if you can join me tonight?
Nikolai does not have a sister. “Sounds great, and yes, I would love to!”
“Good, I’ll pick you up in an hour?”
“Can’t wait!”

The next morning…

Sizy and Nikolai drank coffee in the kitchen and ate sliced oranges and whole wheat toast spread with Dundee marmalade.
“You were talking in your sleep,”Nikolai said.
“Bull. I never talk in my sleep”, Sizy said.
“Last night you did”
“OK. What did I say?”
“Big apple”
“That was all?” well, I never remember dreams”, she sipped coffee and looked at him over the rim of her cup. She looked nervous and smiled.
Nikolai said,” you sounded very far away. Detached. Out of reach.
“People are always out of reach when they’re asleep and dreaming. They’re always strangers in strange places, “she put her cup down and picked up a slice of orange and held it to her lips. She is beautiful and intelligent! I could not kill her. She is my life. But she is a dangerous woman to our country. What did I do to her? Why did she betray me and the country?
“Sweetheart, is everything alright?”
“Yeah. You wait here; I just need to get something…”

Five minutes later…

Sizy was standing in front of Nikolai’s bedroom. She was watching him putting his Makarov in the drawer and a piece of paper. Her heart was pounding. She decided to get back to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. She heard his step behind her. Nikolai hugged her from behind and kissed her. “I love you, baby. And I have…”
“I have a surprise for you”, Sizy kissed his mouth passionately. Nikolai held her hands and said “you have? And show me”
She kissed his lips and unbuttoned his pants. Nikolai groaned. Without hesitation, she took his gun from the back of his waistband quickly.
“I am sorry, babe, it’s over!” she shot him right in the head.
The blood spurted all over the kitchen. Nikolai fell down. A pool of blood on the floor. The phone was ringing. Sizy looked at the caller’s name and picked it up. “Done!” a mission accomplished. My mission has finished, father!”
Sergei Kasparov smiled and said “good job!”


Sizy took the gun and wiped all the things that she thought could be the lead to the murderer. She looked at Nikolai’s body one more time and walked through the busy, winding streets, and turned left at Arbat Street. It was filled with smart stores. She started to cross the street. Her legs were trembling. She felt as though she were on the edge of a precipice, about to fall into an unknown, terrifying abyss.

She read the piece of paper one more time that she took from Nikolai’s drawer: “Nikolai, you have to kill your fiancée Sizy Kasparov and the father- SERGEI KASPAROV. They betrayed our country. Finish them!” – GP. Gregory Petrovich. Son of a bitch. I knew it. And we’ll kill you General! You killed my mother and brothers!


“You think that you can finish Kasparov’s family, Greg? You are not smart enough to play a game with me. My final mission will finish very soon and thank you for making it easier” – Sergei.

General Gregory Petrovich held the piece of paper which he found on the desk. He was sitting and looking out of the window with his face grew red with anger. He cried in a very gruff voice, “sukin syn, son of a bitch!!!” Yes, I will finish you all, Kasparov. He took Tokarev pistol 7.62 x 25mm from the bottom drawer and slammed the drawer shut. All of sudden, the sound of explosions echoed in his office, General Petrovich bounced out of the window, paper floated away as it burned. His dead body was destroyed and scattered on the ground.


Finally, my final mission has finished. Sergei and Sizy watched the explosion from a distance and drove away out of town.



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