Hit and Run

It has been over a year, UK residents feared the terror that struck the country. The victims are red Saab Aero X model drivers. One day they drive and the next day, they disappear. Only the vehicle is stranded. Did the Alien take them away from the earth? Did the earth swallow them alive? Or….someone did a serial killer?


The cotton candy was dancing in the blue sky and the sun started to show up and shining beautifully in Manchester city. It was a glorious day.

“What a beautiful morning and a house!” She mesmerized the house that her husband had just bought for her.

“Do you like it, darling?” he asked and kissed her cheeks.

“Yes, absolutely, I love it! Thank you and I love you, sweetheart!” she hugged and kissed his lips.

“Let’s take a look around”

Bruce and Jennifer had married a couple years ago and were blessed for having a beautiful son, Elliot. He was one year, had beautiful blue eyes, blond hair; he was the cutest and gorgeous baby that they had ever thought about their son.

“Hey, Elliot, come here, no… no, don’t go there, it’s too dangerous”, and let’s get inside, boy!” Bruce asked his son to follow them.

“No, Bruce, I’d better get him”, she let go of his arms and walked towards her son.

All of a sudden, there was a shouting from people who passed the street. They were trying to remind the boy who walked a little unsteady towards the street.

“Oh boy, get out of there, now, now!!!”

A red Saab was speeding up and a bit shaky and struck the boy before finally crashing into a tree. The driver turned his car around and speeded up immediately. He ran away.

“Oh!” She ran to him and bent the knee. She put her arms on the mouth. “Elliot, my son!”

Their beautiful baby’s face and shirt soaked with blood. Bruce ran to his son who was lying on the street in the pooled blood. Jennifer held up his son and heard a little weak voice saying “Mamamam…”

“Yes, darling, I am right here, please, stay, mom and dad are going to take you to the hospital”

His hand was trying to reach her and then he closed his eyes and smiled.

“Nooo! Baby, nooo, please stay with me, please, mom and dad are here. We are going to take you to the hospital!” she cried loudly and shook her little body. But nothing. Elliot had gone forever.

Bruce held her shoulder and took him from her. “Let’s call the police”, he could not say anything and walked inside.

Jennifer was just sitting on the street looking the way the red Saab car headed for. She closed her eyes and tried to remember something.  A red Saab Aero X.


It had been one month, she still could not move on. She had only sit on the bench, looking straight to the street and crying.

“Darling, I know it is really hard and painful for all of us, but we got to move on”, Bruce sat next to her and held her shoulder.

“I wish I could get the person who killed my son”…It was your fault! ” she wiped the tears on the cheeks.

“For Christ sake! Why do you keep on blaming me!” he said impatiently.

“Yes! Because when you knew that he was already on the street, you did not take him, you just asked him to come inside!” and I wanted to take him, but it was too late. It was just too quick!”She yelled at him and slammed the front door.

Bruce kept quiet and looking at the street.  Tears were falling down the cheeks. I wish I could turn back the time, I am so sorry, Elliot, dad didn’t take care of you very well.

He stood up and walked to the garage. He started the car and ran towards the street. He turned on “Close to You by Carpenters” that he gave to his wife when he proposed her. Then he married her, had a beautiful son and raised him together for one year. He had bought a big and beautiful house that he wanted to spend with his wife and son. A dream house. All his dream was gone. He could move on but not her. He was tired of having all the blame that she put on him. He had been trying to start his life with her all over again. And yet, she did not want to be touched. She had refused to have sex with him. He loved her so much. Maybe she was right, maybe I killed my baby. I didn’t take care of him. I am an irresponsible father. He drove very fast; he did not care people yelled at him. His mind was on her and Elliot. I could not change anything. I am useless! He drove at high speed and overtook the car in front of him, but then from the opposite direction, there was another car and he swerved into a ravine. The car burst into flames.

Two hours later, when she was watching “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, breaking news shocked her. It mentioned that a black Mercedes-Benz jumped into the ravine and burst into flames immediately. The passenger was dead. And the Scotland Yard could not identify the body as it was burnt completely. They could only reveal that the car belonged to Dr. Bruce Fleming, a famous surgeon in the UK.

“Oh God!” her mouth fell open. She could not believe what she had just heard. She took the TV remote to high up the volume. She changed to another channel to get the different news, but most of the entire channel showed the breaking news. And again, she heard that Dr. Bruce Fleming had mentioned. She realized then, that was her husband. She grabbed her mobile phone and tried to call him. It was ringing. And someone picked up the phone.


“This is Detective Leonard McCartney, who is this?” Detective McCartney, introduce himself.

There was a silence.

“Hello, are you there?”

“Um…I am Jennifer Fleming. I am the wife. Is it right, that was my husband who was in the car?” she asked hesitantly.

“Oh, Mrs. Fleming, I am so sorry for what happened. We have not identified the body yet, as it burnt completely. We could find out about the car as it was registered under Dr. Bruce Fleming. Mrs. Fleming, would you be at home in another thirty minutes? I am myself will pick you up as we need you to recognize the body.”

“Okay”, her tears were streaming the cheeks. She stared at the television with empty looked. I hope it was not Bruce, who drove the car, I hope the car was stolen; I hope… she burst into tears and hug sobs that wracked her body.  Jennifer Fleming was twenty-seven. She was slender with mobile face and thoughtful eyes. She was a lawyer. She always thought that she was the luckiest woman who married to a famous surgeon in the UK.

Thirty minutes later, the front door knocked. She rose and walking towards the door. Detective McCartney greeted her and showed the badge.

“Good afternoon, Mrs. Fleming, I am detective Leonard McCartney and my partner, detective, Ellen Di Silva. May we come in?” he tugged the badge and put it in the pocket.

“Yes, please come in and have a seat”. They walked in and looked around the tastefully decorated room. A beautiful tapestry wall hanging was the perfect addition to the room and a white piano placed in the corner. The Lavender fragrance gave the room beautiful smell. They tempted to have a seat on the light blue sofa with aquarium table in the middle. It was just so wonderful view and very relaxing.

“Are you alright, Mrs. Fleming?” you look pale, ma’am?” he asked and looked concern.

“Yeah, I am alright, I guess”. Just a minute, please, I’ll take my shawl”

“Take your time, Mrs. Fleming, we are waiting…” Leonard replied politely.


TWENTY years later…

“Mom, open the door! Open the door!”

“One sec”, Jennifer ran in a hurry and opened the door. “Just take him to the basement, Mark, we’ll finish him soon!”

He said no words, and only nodded. He grabbed the male body to the basement. Down there, there were three rooms divided; bedroom, bathroom and storage room. And each of them had 4×4 square meters, and the bedroom had two dimmed lights which were not enough to light it up. One old square table and two chairs placed nicely and a queen bed was placed in the corner with the dirty bed sheet covered it up. The small bathroom was in the next room. There was a small path heading towards to the storage room. Mark placed the male body on the bed. He tied his hands and feet with chains and took all of the clothes. When the job had done, he went to the storage room. It was a bit dark. He grabbed the tool box and took the saw, carving knife and screwdriver. There was freezer and washing machine placed and the metal long table in the middle of the room with the cutting board on it. When he finished everything, he went up calling his mother.

“Mom, I’ve done my first part and let me know when you have done your part”

“Good, I’ll be coming down”

Jennifer went down to meet the stranger in the basement. She looked at him a bit and wondering if he had ever hit and killed her son “Elliot”. You drove red Saab Aero X model, did you?” and you killed my beautiful son and husband!” Well, Bruce committed suicide, but he had never done that if our Elliot did not die!” Jennifer took a glass of water and splashed it to his face.

The stranger woke up and looked at his naked body with the hands and feet were chained. “Who are you? And why am I here?” he was looking at her vaguely.

“What’s your name?” Jennifer asked curiously.

“I am George” and who are you? And why am I naked and my hands and feet were chained?”

“I am Jennifer. Don’t worry, I am not gonna hurt you, George”, she smiled awkwardly. “I am just a lonely woman who needs a pleasure and it seems nobody wants me”, she sat next to him and pressed closer to him, caressing the backs of his thighs, his balls, running her fingers down the perennial divide.

He squirmed as horny and said “There is no way that nobody wants you. You are beautiful and sexy. And I think…I think…I want you. I will give you whatever you want, but please, release me from these bloody chains!”

“Well, I’d prefer to have sex with my way, George, how does it sound?” she started to take her clothes off and sat on his body. His eyes did not move from her beautiful face and body. He smiled and said “Oh yeah, baby, fuck me whatever you want, and I am the luckiest man in the world!” shortly after they had sex and he screamed “oh…yes, faster…harder!!! They had climaxed.

“O-oh yes, George, you are a killer. You killed my son!” you are bastard!” she screamed at him suddenly.

“W-what? I killed nobody!” he looked terrified.

“And yes, you did!” She took a screwdriver under the pillow and stabbed it to his neck. The blood spurted and his eyes rolled up.  She tore it down to the chest. And his body covered by the fresh blood. And he was dead.

She moved and walking towards the bathroom. The warm water was streaming her body. She felt relieved and smiled alone.

Ten minutes later, she called Mark to finish his part.


The next morning, the news spread in the entire UK as George Hamilton, A young businessman had gone missing. He left his house two days before he disappeared. He drove his own car red Saab Aero X model. His mother told the journalists that he told her that he wanted to spend the weekend with his girlfriend in London. But Nancy, his girlfriend, told that he had never shown up.

The news mentioned that it had been a year now, the red Saab Aero X model drivers had gone missing. The bodies had never found. And the Scotland Yard had worked hard to find out the mystery of missing Saab drivers. Ever since, the one who had red Saab Aero X model was afraid, some of them installed the camera in their car, and some people had just sold the cars. They did not want to take the risk.

Meanwhile, back in Manchester, Jennifer ignored her inner feelings to stop for what she had been doing. Her mission was only to find Elliot’s murder. She kidnapped Mark when he was one-year-old. He absolutely looked like her son. She found him at the park whilst crying for an ice cream. Ever since, she treated him like her son, and he lived in the basement. She did not let him go out and she had taught him about the killing. He became a psychopath. He had erotic pleasure gleaned from the pain of others and was happy after killing people eventually.


“Another shot, please, the last!” He grabbed one more shot of tequila. He had been sitting in the bar for an hour now; his mind kept thinking and no idea what he was supposed to do. He glanced at a beautiful and slender woman who was sitting next to him. And he would have a thought to have a chat with her as just to release from the pressure.

“Would you mind if I buy you a beer? Or… tequila?” he asked her politely.

“My pleasure, and tequila, please”

“I am Blake, Blake Button”, he introduced himself.

“I am Jennifer”, she smiled and grabbed the tequila.

After thirty minutes, they had really had a good conversation and he offered her for the lift. They walked outside heading towards the parking lot. Jennifer stunned and staring at his car.

“What is going on?” he said.

“Oh, nothing…it’s a nice car”

“Thank you. It’s beautiful!” He opened the door for her. “Let’s take a ride and I drive you home”. Do you like this car? It’s Aero X model. I have just bought this last year. I love Saab, you know. I sold my old Saab; it was a same model, but just old. So I bought the new one”, he blinked her.

There was a silence.

“You know what, Jen; I actually want to sell my car. I mean this car”

“Oh, why is that?”

“Have you heard about the “serial killer” has been happening here in the UK? The red Saab Aero X model drivers have gone missing and they had no idea whether they were killed or kidnapped for some ransom, or… well… they or … we do not know”.

“Yes, I have heard about it”, so are you worried that you are going to be the next victim?” she said matter-of-factly.

“Well, I am not worried, but I am just….I do not know…” he looked so nervous. And she had noticed that.

“Did you ever kill someone?” she asked curiously.

“W-what? Me? Kill? No, never!” he sounded mildly huffy.

“I am sorry….just asked. To me, if we did not do anything wrong, why are we worried anyway?”

“You were right”, he still looked nervous.

Shortly after, they had arrived at her big house. “Blake, please come inside. Don’t you just stand there, you will get caught a cold later on, its windy now”, she smiled coldly.

He walked hesitate and looking around as if he knew the place and reminded something terrible thing happened in the past.

“How long have you been living here?”

“Well, I do not really remember, and I think it has been a long time, perhaps ten, fifteen years, why?”

“Well, nothing. It’s a beautiful house”.

“Thank you”, she smiled and kissed his lips. She brought him to her bedroom upstairs and kept kissing him all over his face. And he kissed her passionately. She took her clothes off and showed him his beautiful breasts. He cupped his hand on them and kissed them gently. They were lying on the bed naked and a moment later, they had sex.

“Oh geez, you were wonderful, Jen”, he was out of breath lying next to her.

She smiled and said “you know what? I would love if we can do one more time”. She seduced him and he moaned.

“Okay, let’s do it until morning”, he kissed her hungrily.

“But, on one condition. I would like to do in my beautiful way”

“Whatever darling, as long as you are happy with me”

She blindfolded him and started to tie his hands and feet with a chain and kissed him all over his face and sat on his belly. And he could not stop smiling, thinking that she would satisfy him beautifully with her own way.

She took a carving knife from her drawer and said “Darling, did you ever kill someone?”

“I told you that I have never killed anybody”

She cut off the blindfold and showed him a picture of Elliot “Do you remember this beautiful boy?”

He stared at the picture and tried to remember. Elliot wore a red shirt with blue long pants. It was the same dress the day he was killed.

“I am sorry, I-I do not remember”

“Okay. Did you remember that this boy walked on the street and you lost your control, then hit and killed him?” she asked impatiently.

He was silent and looked afraid. “W-why did you have this picture?” he could manage to ask.

“His name is Elliot, and he was only one-year-old when he was killed. And I am the mother! And now tell me, did you kill my angel?

Blake said with a look of horror and his voice started to tremble, “I-I…Oh…Jen, I am so sorry, I did not do it on purpose. I got drunk that day and your son showed up suddenly. He started to cry uncontrollably.

“I have been looking for my angel’s murder and I have been killing red Saab Aero X drivers over the years and… Thank God, I found you. The killer!” she said angrily and stabbed his stomach with a carving knife cruelly. He screamed. And she gagged him with a handkerchief so that he could not make any more noise. Without hesitate she cut his balls and threw them all. The tears were flowing down his cheeks. Blood everywhere. He was writhing in so much pain.

“You know it hurt, don’t you?” and it is for my angel, Elliot”, if you did not kill him, I would have been happy living with my whole family” She said through clenched teeth and tears in her eyes. “My husband committed suicide because I kept on blaming him for our son’s death!” We should have been a happy family!”. Bruce was still gasping and looked to be in a considerable amount of pain.

And all of sudden, Mark came and joined her. “Oh… This is my son Mark. He is going to help me clean up all the mess here” she smiled contentedly.

Mark held the chainsaw and started to cut his two legs. Blake was still alive and he cried. The blood spurted everywhere. And he had finally died.  Mark cut his body to pieces and put them all in the plastic bag.

Jennifer looked at him and smiled “Well, son, I think I am done, no more searching and killing….”

Mark kissed her and smiled “I am not done yet”…



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